Tuesday, June 15, 2010

See my new Edinburgh Show!

As most longer-term readers will know I take a new solo show up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival most years. This year will be the first time that my show has been significantly about feminism (though the subject has come up most years). It's called "The News At Kate: 2010" - though that's really just because last year's show "The News At Kate" did very well and people around me want to cash in on that. It's a whole new hour and I wanted to call it "Hot Baths and Cunnilingus", because in the show I talk a lot about how the pole-dancing, double penetration "sexual revolution" isn't really working for me...

Anyway if you're going to Edinburgh you can see it up there. If not then I'm doing a single preview under the title "Sneak Previews for Choice" in aid of Education for Choice, an organisation which supports fact-based, balanced sex education in schools. Very important stuff, especially with the rise in faith schools recently with the whole "don't touch it or you'll burn in hell approach". Tickets are strictly limited to 40 and priced at £10. It's 27th June (Sunday night) at the Round Table, St Martin's Court (near Leicester Square). There will be up and coming comediennes supporting me and chat and drinkies afterwards.

To buy tickets click here. See you there!


Eric Liddell Centre said...

If anyone else is taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe this may be of interest.

I work for a charity in Edinburgh and we have a number of halls free over the summer and festival period which we can rent out for rehearsal space at reduced prices (because they are emnpty anyway). We are not a venue, but it might be a help for keeping rehearsal costs down.

See this page for details:

Hall Hire Edinburgh



Unknown said...

Your show sounds fab... any chance of you doing it anywhere other than Edinburgh or London? (Preferably Leeds please!)

It'd certainly be better than the last lot of fellas I saw (at the Adelphi pub's monthly comedy night) doing the old 'my girlfriend, she's so annoying - listen to what she does!' shtick. By FAR.

Cruella said...

Well the simple answer Amy is yes. Two options: easy option is to write to your local comedy club and ask them to book me. They might or they might not but most are online so it only takes 2 mins. The hard option is to get together with a few friends and put a show on yourself. Not as hard as you'd think though if you're part of a local feminist network or group of people who are enthusiastic. You'd need to find a suitable space (pub room, small theatre...) and sell some tickets. Let me know if you think of anything, I'd love to come up to Leeds.

Unknown said...

Hi Kate, annoyingly, The Adelphi doesn't have an email contact, but I'll keep digging around when I can for other comedy places in Leeds, so I can at least do the first (easy) option! The second (hard) option would be impossible for me I'm afraid due to health/disability issues - it's actually a challenge for me to come to a comedy night never mind organise one! Will keep you informed... :o)