Monday, June 21, 2010

A Normal Industry?

Ok hypothetical question time. An employee of yours (you're the boss) is regularly coming to work clearly under the influence of strong illegal drugs. What do you do? It's difficult isn't it. On the one hand you want to warn them to stop or you may be forced to fire them, on the other hand they work for you - you feel a sense of responsibility. I think probably you offer to take them or refer them to medical support if they want and need it but warn at the same time that the situation needs to change very quickly if they want to keep the job. Maybe you contact a friend or relative of theirs in the hope that they can offer support where you can't.

Not so, we note, the pornography industry. Ami Jordan died on 11th June of a suspected drug overdose. She was nineteen years old. Her "agent"* Kevin Kline knew she was a serious drug addict but did nothing to stop her or help her.

What I find really cringeworthy about the report is that following her death this creep describes her as "She was a super sweet girl. Always a good girl." Hmmm, I think if you're old enough to appear in pornography you're a woman. I also think that "good girls" are probably not the ones with drug problems and "careers" in pornography. What he means by "good girl" is clearly someone for whom he has no respect whatsoever but over whom he is able to exercise a lot of power. Someone who does what he tells her to. Maybe he should have told her not to take so many drugs. Or shown her the tiny bit of respect it would take to ask if she needs to take a break from the industry and get some help.

*Really, I have an agent, who would be horrified to be associated with this sort of behaviour and who would willingly cancel my schedule, find me a rehab centre and drive me there himself if he thought I was addicted to drugs. In other words - he's human.

Footnote: I was going to use a photograph of Ami to illustrate this piece but when I went to search for one on the internet guess what? Yup, all the "Ami is a real life fuckdoll", "Ami loves to suck cock" links come up, rather than any information about her as a person or any significant coverage of her needless death.

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Kevin Kline was clearly interested in one thing only - namely exploiting Ami Jordon and when she died of a drugs overdose what does this cretin say. Why 'Ami Jordon was a good girl'

Not only does Kline refer contemptuously to the late Ms. Jordan as being a child woman but he also believes being 'a good girl' means a female over whom he can sexually and pyschologically exploit for financial and personal gain.

Sadly another young woman's life has been extinguished because of men's insatiable pseudo need for porn 24/7. Far too many young women have been used and then discarded by the porn industry, which of course is primarily concerned with providing misogynistic men with limitless supplies of dehumanised beings called women.

As always men's interests always supercede women's rights and this is why pornography exists and why so many, many young women are subjected to vile male sexual violence and have to use drugs in order to survive systemic sadistic male sexual violence being committed against them.

Oh but I forget porn is 'fantasy' because no human beings were hurt in producing porn. Ergo 'no human beings means women of course - not men.