Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Me on BBC Woman's Hour again today!

So yes I'll be on BBC Radio Four Woman's Hour today again - do tune in, right now. It was pre-recorded so I know what I say, though I don't know what parts of the interview they'll play. Basically Cristina Odone (my opponent) says gay people can have civil partnerships so they are equal. And I say that since marriage and civil partnership aren't the same thing so no, that's not equality. That's like saying black people and white people can both ride the bus, black people just have to sit at the back. It's not equality, equality is when you're equal!

As usual (I've been up against Odone a few times on The Big Questions) she's so short on valid points that she rapidly resorts to criticising how I'm arguing, saying I'm being rude o that I'm ill-educated. At one point the presenter (Jane) asks if I'm married and I say I'm separated. Then a few minutes later I interrupt her point (cos it's bigoted!) and she complains I'm talking over her and starts to say she can see why my relationship has ended, but slightly stops herself just in time! Ha ha ha.

In fairness I criticise her marriage too. She's Catholic and married to a divorced guy. The Catholic church doesn't approve of that marriage but she's chosen to do it anyway. Now she wants to stop other people, gay people, who the church also disapproves of, from enjoying what she has.

You can tune in, or listen again later here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is the Latin for hernia?

OK, so it's not hernu, which is a shame cos students across the country could memorise it easily just by thinking about the notion of a major pain in the arse.

Tomorrow morning 7am on LBC I shall be laying into one nasty piece of work called Piers Hernu*. It will feel earlier than it is, party because of the clocks going forward, but mostly because of his grating sexist opinions I expect.

Tune in if by any miracle you are up. LBC does have "listen again" functionality but you have to pay money for it usually.

*Unless of course he turns out to have perfectly reasonable opinions about women in the media. Last time we were on air together he had such intelligent salient things to say that he resorted to calling me a "harriden" and a "battleaxe". Worse still when we got off air he then tried to be matey with me, seeking my reassurance, going "it's a bit of a laugh isn't it?", "it's just a bit of fun", "I just play along" and expecting me to agree with him. I was like "No, I'm actually a feminist in real life too. I don't just play one on the radio!"

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bishop admits to me that the bible is lies!

Found this lovely clip someone has cut and put up on the internet from The Big Questions. It's more recent than "the bitchslap" but I think it's interesting, not least because this rude pompous guy admits that the bible he believes in contains outright lies. Mmm. Also I made some points that needed making about religion and the environment. Later that same day over lunch I asked him if he wanted to say grace and he blanked me! Anyway - enjoy:

And to those people who've been asking when I'll be back on TBQ the answer is I don't know - I have been on twice this series already - first and second episodes - so they're undoubtedly doing their best to avoid rebooking me for a bit for variety. Maybe I/they should record a "Smurthwaite's edit" version so you can watch the show with my commentary over the top...!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Daily Mail celebrates Intl Women's Day with massive irony overload!

The Daily Fail's editors really must be laughing their socks off today after publishing this delightful piece criticising an Oxford University student for making a joke about her breasts on a statement nominating herself for election to a position in the debating society. The horror and disgust expressed is totally out of proportion... They quote at length "a student" as though their view represents some sort of consensus:

"It is disappointing to see female members of committee campaigning on the back of gender at all, let alone in a way which promotes the use of sexuality"

Yes deeply disappointing, I am personally horrified by any woman who openly admits to having breasts. Whatever next? Those dreadful beasts will decide they've got vaginas! I wonder where this evil woman got the idea to (make a joke pretending to) use her sexuality for gain?

A few paragraphs later:

"Last year Katie Price, the topless model turned self-made businesswoman, followed in the footsteps of prime ministers, world leaders and international notables to address to the union."

And on the same web page - linked down the side of the page:

"Strictly stunning: Ola Jordan sizzles as she ditches her catsuit for lingerie campaign"

and then:

By their own standards, you'd have to agree, this is deeply disappointing.

Happy International Women's Day everyone!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Join me on the bridge!!

Regular readers will know that I teach English to a group of predominantly Congolese asylum seeking women and that I did a run last year in aid of Women for Congo Women which is a part of Women for Women International. It's an awesome charity which helps women around the world rebuilding their lives in some of the most desperate places on earth. Well I'm delighted to say that the charity has asked me to join them on the Millennium Bridge on International Women's Day this Thursday and then speak at the rally afterwards at the Royal Festival Hall. There are loads of other cool speakers too - watch their website for details! And you can come too! All the info is here - hope to see you there!