Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is the Latin for hernia?

OK, so it's not hernu, which is a shame cos students across the country could memorise it easily just by thinking about the notion of a major pain in the arse.

Tomorrow morning 7am on LBC I shall be laying into one nasty piece of work called Piers Hernu*. It will feel earlier than it is, party because of the clocks going forward, but mostly because of his grating sexist opinions I expect.

Tune in if by any miracle you are up. LBC does have "listen again" functionality but you have to pay money for it usually.

*Unless of course he turns out to have perfectly reasonable opinions about women in the media. Last time we were on air together he had such intelligent salient things to say that he resorted to calling me a "harriden" and a "battleaxe". Worse still when we got off air he then tried to be matey with me, seeking my reassurance, going "it's a bit of a laugh isn't it?", "it's just a bit of fun", "I just play along" and expecting me to agree with him. I was like "No, I'm actually a feminist in real life too. I don't just play one on the radio!"


Paul Baird said...

Monday at 7am ?
I just read your OP and thought it was today and thought I'd be in luck.

My bad.

Cruella said...

Sorry I meant THIS morning - published at 8 minutes past midnight. Hence the confusion. Piers Hernu failed to show up, evidently a one hour clock shift is too much for his tiny brain! Anyway instead it was just me and James Max, the presenter. Quite interesting all the same though.

garicgymro said...

Interestingly, Latin has no word for hernia; the Romans had to borrow the English word.

Anonymous said...


Not related to the above post but regarding Women's hour tomorrow I've been intrigued by Cristina Odone ever since I saw her presenting a Channel 4 documentary about women priests ten or more years ago.
As part of the show she interviewed a Biblical scholar who showed her various artefacts and parchments as examples of how self-interested translators and editors had inserted things or changed the meaning of various Biblical texts over the years to suit their own agendas.
Odone broke down as the realisation that she had tortured herself for years over being a divorcee was potentially all for nothing.
I was astonished that a supposedly intelligent woman whose faith has apparently been such a major part of her life was for the first time being confronted with the notion that the Bible was not the literal word of God but that at some stage human beings had intervened.
It seems her faith has recovered from this momentary wobble, but it makes you wonder.
Oh and congratulations on the bitch slap. Rewatching that moment on YouTube has brought me much satisfaction.