Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bishop admits to me that the bible is lies!

Found this lovely clip someone has cut and put up on the internet from The Big Questions. It's more recent than "the bitchslap" but I think it's interesting, not least because this rude pompous guy admits that the bible he believes in contains outright lies. Mmm. Also I made some points that needed making about religion and the environment. Later that same day over lunch I asked him if he wanted to say grace and he blanked me! Anyway - enjoy:

And to those people who've been asking when I'll be back on TBQ the answer is I don't know - I have been on twice this series already - first and second episodes - so they're undoubtedly doing their best to avoid rebooking me for a bit for variety. Maybe I/they should record a "Smurthwaite's edit" version so you can watch the show with my commentary over the top...!

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