Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Daily Mail celebrates Intl Women's Day with massive irony overload!

The Daily Fail's editors really must be laughing their socks off today after publishing this delightful piece criticising an Oxford University student for making a joke about her breasts on a statement nominating herself for election to a position in the debating society. The horror and disgust expressed is totally out of proportion... They quote at length "a student" as though their view represents some sort of consensus:

"It is disappointing to see female members of committee campaigning on the back of gender at all, let alone in a way which promotes the use of sexuality"

Yes deeply disappointing, I am personally horrified by any woman who openly admits to having breasts. Whatever next? Those dreadful beasts will decide they've got vaginas! I wonder where this evil woman got the idea to (make a joke pretending to) use her sexuality for gain?

A few paragraphs later:

"Last year Katie Price, the topless model turned self-made businesswoman, followed in the footsteps of prime ministers, world leaders and international notables to address to the union."

And on the same web page - linked down the side of the page:

"Strictly stunning: Ola Jordan sizzles as she ditches her catsuit for lingerie campaign"

and then:

By their own standards, you'd have to agree, this is deeply disappointing.

Happy International Women's Day everyone!

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