Friday, June 25, 2010

My Wifely Duties

Well I'm not the sort of woman who worries too much about darning my husband's socks or operating the mangle (unless Jeremy Clarkson's head is in it....). However I think I'm going to have to step up to the plate on this one. David (as many of you know) runs a comedy club in the west end called Soho Comedy Club which he gamely hands over to me whenever I want to run a big feminist benefit (that's a big benefit for feminists, not a benefit for big feminists). Anyway Westminster Council are suddenly and for no decent reason stopping his club and more than a dozen others from handing out flyers in Leicester Square. Well this is core to the business model, customers don't just magically show up... So he's having to cut pay and lay people off in the middle of, oh yes that's it, a massive recession.

If you want to really understand the situation please take a peak at this neat video (also featuring me!):

There is also an article about it in today's West End Extra here. And information on what you can do to help and a petition to sign on London Is Funny here. Another awesome way to help of course would be to come along and see a show some time! Tickets and line-ups here, I recommend next Saturday 3rd July when I'm on and so is one Ms Shazia Mirza who you may know/adore.

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There is a petition about this at