Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Quick Moan on My Behalf

Argh sometimes I hate living in Hackney/London/Earth. I get a box of organic vegetables delivered each week and it's supposed to come with eggs, some fish, cheese, milk, fruit juice and a few other basics. But within half an hour of it reaching my doorstep someone has stolen all the valuable stuff - eggs, fish, cheese, pate, pesto. I've only got four foot of front yard so there's nowhere to hide it and with all the different recycling bins there's no room for some sort of heavy lockable box or whatever. I've asked the drivers to knock when they deliver it but they usually forget or if they do knock it's not loud enough to wake me. And anyway who wants to get up in the middle of their sleeping pattern and move boxes of food around? Why can't people just not steal stuff that obviously isn't theirs? Grump grump grump.


Unknown said...

Come back to Tokyo! No one ever touches our box of organic food and it sits on our doorstep for several hours at least.

At the very least, how about a Tokyo tour?


Cruella said...

Ooooh yes please! It is very much on my wish list...