Monday, June 07, 2010

Mrs Charles Saatchi

Waiting at the doctors today (bad news trolls - looks like I'm gonna make it!) I made the mistake of flicking through an old copy of Tatler magazine (I know, I know, they only put those there to push your blood pressure up and keep themselves in work year-round). There on page something was a picture of Nigella Lawson writer, chef, TV presenter, domestic goddess and well-known "thinking man's strumpet*". But of course this being Tatler she was not described as "Nigella Lawson", she was described as "Mrs Charles Saatchi". I hate that. I hate that so much. Nigella - love her or hate her - is a well known figure with a prominent career across a number of areas. Yet by marrying a bloke - any bloke - she loses the right to her WHOLE NAME and becomes known only as "property of" or "attachment to" her husband. I can forgive the odd person who calls me Mrs once in a while though if they persist in doing so after being corrected it does bug me, but if anyone ever ever EVER tries to call me "Mrs David Mulholland" I shall say now that I shall not be responsible for my actions. You have been warned.

*I like to think that a truly thinking man might have though about it long enough to have dropped the word "strumpet" from his no doubt extensive vocabulary.

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