Thursday, June 03, 2010

Double Rage-Inducing Moment

Just slouched in front of the TV watching Comedy Central and on comes an advert for an upcoming show. Football commentary followed by a clip of Carrie falling over in Sex and the City - a joke about "diving" and an England flag waving in the background. Then it says "support the girls: Sex and the City". I can only assume it was made by someone who has forgotten that England actually has a women's football team (hint: Sarah-Jessica Parker isn't in it and they don't wear £400 stilettos).

The next advert is another "hilarious" football-related one. A voiceover asks if you've just spent 90 minutes watching grown men fall over and then suggests "watch real men stand up". The "real men" in question would be four straight white male comedians. Yes that's the choice - watch men playing sport or watch men doing comedy. Two classic professions where it's ridiculously difficult for women to get a look-in.

When can we watch "real women" actually "standing up"? I'll be doing some shows during the World Cup for people who want a real alternative to football. Watch this space.

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