Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Call For The Carnival

The 41st Carnival of the Feminists will be here on Wednesday, so I'll be writing it tomorrow. So if you want to nominate something of your own or something you've read elsewhere please do. There is a fancy form you can fill in over on the carnival website, or you can just post a comment here.

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Barry Deutsch said...

Thank you for hosting! Heres a few nominations:

The Well-Timed Period: Your Doctor Owns You.

Taking Place: The Duke Rape Case Shows That Justice Is Definitely Not Colorblind

Prometheus 6: Introducing President He-Ra, Master Of The Universe!

Hoyden About Town: Whose Real World?

And two posts from my co-blogger Mandolin: Problematizing Legal Approaches To Stopping FGS (which I think I already submitted) and the follow-up post, which is an entire post unto itself and which I haven't submitted before.