Thursday, July 19, 2007

Larry Flynt - what a nice guy?

Alternet, usually a decent source of news stuff has a post up about Larry Flynt's efforts to discredit the Republican party. This is like a specially-designed catch-22 situation - I have to choose between a republican-run US and supporting a guy who produces hardcore pornography! Well I choose ... NEITHER!

Just because he hates THEM doesn't make him one of US. He's just a different branch of THEM...

Mr Flynt's infamous hustler magazine has been peddling all sorts of nastiness for years. From the woman-being-fed-through-a-meat-grinder and woman-as-dog-on-a-leash covers to the ongoing paedophile cartoons, and right now, when I log on to the Hustler website I get ONE click to say I'm 18 or older and bingo:

1) A link to "vouyeur sex", i.e. women who are at least pretending they don't know they're being filmed.

2) A link to "Hustler sluts"

3) A link to "Teens"

4) Graphic images and videos coming up, including anal sex and women being "spanked" (hit).

5) DVDs for sale with names like "MILFs" and "Ass Appeal".

6) A link to "amateur" videos.

I don't really care if they were all filmed with over-18 fully consenting professionals or whatever. At very least they are set up to look as if they are under-age, as if they are unaware of the filming, etc. It's sickening, and his being anti-republican compensates me NONE for that.

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Nice blog. See, World-O-Crap is good for something! :)