Saturday, July 28, 2007

The BBC Warning Service

Why does the BBC still use these "warnings" headlines? The latest reads "'Yo-yo' weight warning to mothers". Apparently (and how is this news?) rapidly fluctuation weight between and during pregnancy isn't good for you or the baby. And in a secondary warning we read that overweight parents have more overweight children. Did anyone not already know that.

But more importantly why is it phrased as a "warning" to mothers? Do they think women are deliberately allowing their weight to fluctuate? Do you know any women who like to see their weight "yo-yo"-ing? If the BBC is so worried about the welfare of the babies they should be "warning" the government to offer more support to pregnant and post-natal women, and warning the media to show more normal-weight women, or whatever will actually help. "Warning" women will - I guarantee - do nothing!

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