Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Facts Meme

This is one of these trendy in-things for bloggers. Witchy-woo has tagged me to supply eight random facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I have a cat that winks. Really. He had a lump over one eye and when the vet removed it he left the skin a bit tighter on one side than the other so he tends to wink at people. It's quite disconcerting. Matthew Hopkins would have had me burnt in a heartbeat! (That is not him pictured by the way, that is just a cute cat...)

2. I can recite all the books of the bible in less than 20 seconds. And boy am I fun at parties...

3. I used to run a women's football team in Tokyo and I once played football for England (Supporters Club).

4. I don't believe in the death penalty except for people who walk about in cable cars when there's a sign telling you not to.

5. My mother in law (Mr Cru's mum) wrote the "Who Shot JR?" episode of Dallas. That's like a proper claim to fame!

6. I don't have a brother despite the fact that half of my stage act is about "him". He is a mixture of fiction and an amalgamation of various male friends of mine and he's called Joe...

7. I have a maths degree. Every stand-up comic should have one. I specialised in functional analysis.

8. I once saved a friend's life, dragging them out of the south China sea. So pay attention kids, there's a reason they make you get bricks from the bottom of the pool in your pajamas.

And now I apparently need to tag eight (seems a lot) other bloggers. Ok I tag The Yank Abroad, Chris Coltrane, Ruby in Bury, Shut Up Sit Down, BazzFazz, Radio Free Stan, Bumphreys and Ann Coulter (ok, that one was a joke but I was running out of friends!!).


JM said...

I have a winking cat too! She didn't have an operation, though, she's just weird.

Stan said...

I passed it on :

No cat, winking or otherwise, but we've got Maths in common.

Her indoors said...

Hi Cruella - love the I didn't spot your brother in Bury ;-)
I have a winking cat too, he had his eye out after a cat fight last year. He's now known as one-eyed clyde
P.S. Thanks to your introduction,21st C Mom and I have now "virtually" met