Monday, July 16, 2007

A Few Points

Been away for a few days in very sunny France (view from our window in Samoens chateau left) and more about that later. A few things from the news for now:

1) The operation to win over the "hearts and minds" on the Iraqi people is clearly going really well when they think you're sending killer badgers to eat them!

2) Apparently it's too expensive and too time-consuming to bother finding out if children are being abused. And that's just in custody battles. I'd advocate an annual screening of at-risk children orchestrated through schools.

3) Conrad Black ... GUILTY! That's great news, it means something somewhere in the US justice system is still working.


Ramona Muscat said...

In fact, I am writing here, because I met you in Samo├źns, and thought I couldn't let this part of the blog without any comment !
(Sometimes google is not so bad !)

Cruella said...

hey fanch! thank you so much for coming to our show in samoens! glad you found the blog! i will email you soon! cru