Friday, July 20, 2007

Cruella Gets Her Hits Out

Thanks to my good friend - Ms Abi Roberts for the pun. Cru-blog has been pretty busy lately what with the carnival and all the links flying up from other places so I thought I would put together a quick run-down of the most popular and, I think, most interesting posts on here for the benefit of those who may be new to the blog.

The Original Lad Mags post (as featured on the BBC, repeatedly)

Sex vs Surgery (I'll take sex, thanks)

Tabloid Policy Making

Meet The Morons

Thinly Veiled Hypocrisy

I tell jokes. It's my job.

"Family" Planning

Modern Sport is Rubbish

I blame the parents. And I want check-ups on them.

Feminism and the empowering nature of taking your clothes off.

Facing down more porn in Pornographers Gone Wild

Reviewing Jessica Valenti's book in Big Sister

Getting abuse and Taking It Personally

The Terror Alert Hits "Critical"

How the other half live at YouPorn and PornTube, Really

(P.S. That photo of the woman wing-walking ... that's me. Really!)


Renegade Evolution said...

yeah, I sort of wonder if you actually read Lewis's book if you'd be thrashing her so hard...her review of the sex industry is hardly glowing, all pom-poms and wonder. She talks about the bad parts as well, and is not nicey nice about it.

Cruella said...

Interesting - maybe it's more a case of the media reading the story the way they "want" to read it.