Sunday, July 29, 2007

BBC Warning Service - Round-Up For Pregnant Women

I pointed out yesterday that the BBC had one of those annoying "women warned..." stories about weight gain and loss during and after pregnancy. Then I realised it was a real trend on the BBC. So I thought I'd offer a quick round-up of the warnings the BBC has for pregnant women and new mothers:

WARNING: Watch out for bogus midwives!

WARNING: Don't take too many vitamins!

WARNING: Don't let your kids watch too much TV!

WARNING: Don't take too much iron!

WARNING: Don't drink any alcohol at all!

WARNING: Don't eat too much!

WARNING: Don't take painkillers!

WARNING: Don't be over thirty!

WARNING: Don't give birth in November in Cornwall!

WARNING: Don't have your baby at home!

WARNING: Don't smoke!

WARNING: Don't eat unpasteurised cheese!

WARNING: Don't be old!

And just for good measure (although this one isn't for once explained in a "women warned" way) stress can damage your baby. I wonder if pregnant women can sue the BBC for giving them pregnancy stress?!


kate said...

Nothing like a good dose of guilt to keep the stress down eh? As if women don't get enough saddled on them from cradle to grave.

During my marriage I had three, the children are wonderful adults now. The marriage was a nightmare. So far as I know, even through my worrying about the effect of the stress on them, everything grew in the right place and functions just fine for each one of them.

Which, might I add, I think its best that pregnant women do abstain from alcohol as the effects on the fetus are well documented and irreversible. Alcoholism is high in my state and I know some fetal alcohol children and adults and its a real tragedy. I just wish there was more real information rather than the constant finger wagging and haranguing -- as if women can't figure out anything for themselves with just pure facts.

John Trenchard said...

it would be nice if they reported the news every once in a while.

you know - "news" -like stuff that happens in the world.

you usually get all these "warnings" in the news free desert that is bbc breakfast news.

i have a warning for pregnant women myself
"Warning - dont watch the BBC - it'll stress you out too much!"

sasha said...

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