Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Raising money for charity

In two weeks time I am off to attempt the Caledonian Challenge, an easy-peasy wander about in the park type effort, just 54 miles in 24 hours along the west highland way. Training has been going ok but not really well enough to convince me that I can actually do it. Will need some miracle super-human strength on the day. If anyone would like to sponsor me and my team (consisting of me, my housemate Tom and our friend Katalin) then they can do so here by selecting our imaginative team-name KatKatTom! All in aid of the Scottish Community Foundation which does lots of good work in communities up there, especially children and women's groups. Very much appreciated!

On an only slightly related note I was talking to my dear grandma about Live 8 and the latest fundraising efforts and she said (remember she's 85...) that she'd pledge £100 to feed people in Africa if Sir Bob Geldof would "get a ruddy haircut". If anyone else (or anyone else's grandma) would like to pledge money on that basis please let me know and I'll total up the pledges and mail the suggestion off to his team. I imagine a fair amount could be raised on this basis!


handdrummer said...

Just dropped a small donation in the kitty. Good luck on the trek. It's a good cause for taking a small walk.

One of my hopes is to someday hike the West Highland Way as well. Saddly, I won't have time on my Glasgow trip in August.

Post about it please.

And I'll donate 10 pounds to the Bob Bob's Hair campaign as well. Let me know where to send the donation.

Cruella said...

That's fantastic! Thanks very much. I'll be totting up the Sir Bob's haircut fund and be back in touch when it reaches a level that I think he'll have to go for.