Thursday, June 09, 2005

A few more steps back

Sex education booklets currently being published will focus on emotions and relationships, rather than the "mecanics" of sex. So i.e. less information about contraception. Who is supporting this? oh its the "Life" (read "Destruction of Women's Lives") Group! They think it's a great idea. They're no doubt looking forward to a new generation of pregnant teenagers they can pressure into keeping their unwanted children, sacrificing their own education and being permanently trapped in poverty.

The "mecanics" of sex may not sound like the sort of thing that we enjoy talking to kids about but that's EXACTLY why it's essential that we do, and essential that schools do to ensure no child is left out of the loop. A child has a right to know in practical terms how their bodies work. I think that's more important than telling them how we as a society have collectively decided it would be best use it. As a promoter of casual sex I should like the right to excuse my children (I don't have any really, a reflection of my sound understanding of the mecanics of contraception) from sex education classes if they are going to promote abstinence, which is undoubtedly the core message of these pamphlets.

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