Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Those terrible Williams girls...

If ever I saw an arguement for the pro-choice movement, surely that was it. Since all three girls were under sixteen when they fell pregnant, my basic understanding of UK law would make all three of them victims of statutory rape. Since when were the victims of crime vilified for allowing themselves to become victims? We may tell our toddlers not to accept candy from strangers and warn older people not to carry too much money about, but we don't blame them or refuse to support them when they are the victims of crime. Their mother suggested better sex education in school would have helped them. Wouldn't it be great if schools could genuinely create an atmosphere where victims of statutory rape could report the situation and receive support and confidential advice on emergency contraception as well as termination, adoption and the benefits available to them if they bravely decide to keep the child? While in general I abhor this sort of human interest shock-tactics journalism, it does rather stick two fingers up at the anti-sex-education, pro-forced-pregnancy* movement.

*I don't call any movement that sets out to destroy women's lives "pro-life".

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