Monday, June 27, 2005

An early push...

I'm hosting a charity function next month in aid of Hand in Hand for Asia. They're a group doing lots of great work, but in particular they're sending skilled medical persons into Burma to alleviate suffering. Plenty of people willing to go but we need money urgently to pay for supplies for them...

The show is Sat 23rd July 7pm to 11pm (and you will be fully entertained throughout that time!) at Cecil Sharp House. Tickets are £15 available from Emily on 020 7387 1489. The show will feature:

Ruth Rogers, violinist extrordinaire
The Ornate Johnsons, comedy sketch group
mi-ro, acoustic musical duo
The Lung Busters, brilliant up-beat jazz group
...and me as compere
...and some info about the situation in Burma at present from Human Rights campaigner Ben Rogers
..and a raffle.

Its a huge venue, 400 seats, and we're hoping not only to fill it but to encourage people to dress up a bit for the occassion to make it all a bit special too. I shall certainly be in full regalia! There is a bar there and we will be making room for dancing by the time mi-ro and the Lung Busters are on (you may not be able to help yourselves). The night IS suitable for older children if you want to bring some along (I have promised not to swear!).

I'm really keen to promote this too so if you are London-based and know of anywhere I can put up a poster/hand out flyers/otherwise drum up support then please let me know, would be much appreciated.


Phil Crawley said...


You were tops! It was a good evening and we did raise more than we expected. Emily, Sarah et al are really grateful that you MC'ed the event - I really enjoyed Jo's set as well,
Phil (the sound guy).

Cruella said...

Thanks Phil, I really enjoyed it!