Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Caledonian Challenge

Bad news for those who kindly offered to sponsor me: My some sheer miracle, I made it to the end. No-one is more surprised than me in fact. In numbers: 54 miles. 22 hours 45 minutes. 7 blisters on my feet, 2 on my hands (from the walking poles). 4 random fellow walkers enlisted to help me along against their will (thanks Rajit, Andrew, Andrew's mate and Pat). 30 miles walked by the time my body refused to keep any more solids down (lived on lucosade after that). 1 enormous thunderstorm walked through in the middle of the night. 1 full day spent in bed recovering. zero chance of me ever doing it again.

The link for belated cash pledges is here. Our team name was katkattom (and, yes, "other kat" and "tom" also finished the course, Bagel the dog made it almost to the 22 mile point although had to be carried for a while after expending too much energy chasing sheep!). All in a whole collection of good causes.


handdrummer said...

Just a note to tell you my CC company won't let me pay this online so I've mailed off an international postal money order for the donation. Sorry for the delay.

Cruella said...

Thanks very much!