Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Seven Big Lies

The government is pressing ahead with plans to illegalise "inciting religious hatred". So if you wanted to incite any, make sure you do it soon.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say that I think ANYONE who believes ANY of the following things is a BLINDING IDIOT and should be barred from working with children, in the media or in any position which offers them an opportunity to significantly influence others:

1) That anybody continues to live after death in any recognisable form.

2) That the earth and universe were created by a god of some sort.

3) That any human being has ever performed "miracles".

4) That there is any religious justification for murder or war.

5) That there is any religious justification for removing any basic human rights or freedoms from any group, such as women or homosexuals, or for treating those people differently from the rest of society.

6) That any religious law which they may choose to follow should be incorporated into national law.

7) That prayer can change anything other than the mind of the person praying.

I think of them as a sort of securlarist seven deadly sins...

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