Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Great news for those opposed to ID cards

In this article on the BBC, Charles Clarke tells us that "There would be no compulsion on anybody to show their ID card in the street." So as long as you live on the street, and sleep on the street at nights, buy your food and drink from street stalls, urinate and defecate on the street, you won't need a card. Cool.

So you won't need to carry it round with you? When will you need it? When you enter or leave the country? Just like we already do with passports? Opening bank accounts and buying houses? Does anyone really believe that the allegedly thousands of evil-doers lurking in our midst won't be able to do these things? And that this will stop them from planning their evil plots?

Think of what we could do to benefit society with all that money, how much suffering we could alleviate. Makes me really angry.


Sour Duck said...

"There would be no compulsion on anybody to show their ID card in the street."

At the moment.

Plans change.

Cruella said...

Yeah I suspect it would be about a fortnight before you need to show it to travel on public transport (suicide bombers...?) or buy postage stamps (letter bombs...?) or use public toilets (dirty bombs...?) or go to the park (paedophiles, childrens playgrounds...?) or have a beer (underage drinking...?) or buy aspirin (can't you use aspirin as an ingredient for bomb-making, well if not then just to be on the safe side...?). How long before the bendy buses have retina scanners next to their oyster card readers?!!