Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A few points raised

Very interesting article in the Guardian about rape during war-time. There's not much getting round it, basically every major war in history has seen rape used by both sides as a basic modus operandi. And then they tell us that they don't think we should let women fight in the army... Does anyone think maybe we shouldn't let MEN fight in the army? I do. What is also clear here, as though anyone were ever in any doubt, is that rape is not a sexual act, not related to frustration and attractiveness but an act of violence and aggression, reflective of an underlying hatred of women. Its about a desire to hurt, not a desire to please. That hatred and desire to hurt women permeate our culture in peacetime too, think of films like the disgusting Boxing Helena or the nasty end of the porn industry, some of the lyrics of popular music, games like Grand Theft Auto where running over hookers is a standard tactic...

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