Thursday, June 09, 2005

Football crazy

I love football, I play it, I watch it, mens and womens, whatever I can access (usually mens). In fact I even play for a mens team (there isn't a women's one near me with places going, although I am not fussy, I just want to play). But I'm not fan of the exorbitant wages the men in the game get. Of course market rates, etc, etc, other aspects of the game would be impaired if we started limiting wages. It rankles though that the women in the game are paid such a pittance and given such a tiny amount of exposure, while the men rank among the country's biggest landowners and property buyers. And its the direct result of (a) the hangover from the FAs banning of women from the game which was in place from 1921 to 1970 and (b) the failure since the ban was lifted of the various bodies to put any tangible effort into promoting women's football.

One glimmer of hope for women's football recently is the latest exhibition at the National Football Museum.

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