Thursday, March 04, 2010

Vile, Vile, Vile: Compare and Contrast

BBC Online coverage of the jailing of Gail Sherwood on charges of making false rape allegations.

The full story from Women Against Rape.

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Appalling deliberate miscarriage of justice and equally appalling that Ms. Sherwood has been convicted of 'making false rape allegations' and sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Appalling that the police deliberately did not undertake a full investigation, deliberately 'lost' vital evidence, engaged in coercive tactics against Ms. Sherwood. Why? Because she is a woman and police and society commonly believe women are innate liars who have nothing better to do than charge 'innocent men with rape.'

How this case was allowed to be prosecuted I do not know - or rather I do because CPS wished to make an example of Ms. Sherwood and send the message to all women that 'if you dare to charge men with rape - you not the man charged with this offence will be put on trial.

I sincerely hope Ms. Sherwood appeals her sentence because there are so many flaws a tank can be driven through the prosecution's claims.

Pro-rape apologists will undoubtedly be 'crowing' about the fact another woman has 'rightly' been convicted of perjury. No need to examine the numbers of men who rape women each and ever year. Last time I checked men had raped 100,000 women in the last year and doubtless this statistic will immediately cause claims 'I'm sayin all men commit rape.' Read the sentence again because nowhere do I say 'all men' but I do say men are the ones raping women - not women raping women.

Another victory for our male supremacist society and its biggest supporter - the male-dominated media who once again have engaged in selective reporting in order to hide how this trial was allowed to continue to its conclusion despite overwhelming evidence police were biased; did not conduct the investigation thoroughly, deliberately coerced Ms. Sherwood and blatantly lied to her in order to 'arrest a supposedly dangerous woman.' Human rights - that continues to be men's human rights not women's and most definitely not Ms. Sherwood's.