Sunday, March 14, 2010

Me 'n' Stringy Again

So I was on BBC Five Live last night and rather than offer some common or garden misogynist for me to argue with (Lynette Burrows, Toby Young), I had the chance to trade blows with none other than slimy uber-creep Peter Stringfellow (pictured). I have debated him once before on BBC Leeds but this was the first time I had a change to do so on a national station. We were discussing porn and he was losing. You have seven days to hear it again (click here, click listen again to the 13th Mar Stephen Nolan show and then fast forward to an hour and ten minutes in). Enjoy.

1 comment:

miawal said...

Ick ick ick! How can one person be so creepy?? Thought you did brilliantly Kate - especially when you resisted the temptation to tell Stringfellow to go eff himself when he told you to shut up! What a complete pig.... And why could he not afford you at least minimal respect by using your name? Kept referring to you as 'the lady' - so patronising

Thought the second caller's situation was beyond disturbing. Seemed to see nothing wrong with getting turned on by 'a few seconds of strangulation and a bit of slapping'. Absolutely vile and very very scary if he represents a typical male porn user.