Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Anna vs The Lads

Want to watch a lad mag editor squirm? Go on, you know you want to... This is so great! Anna from OBJECT takes some monster dickhead apart:


JenniferRuth said...

"It would be the end of lad mags"

Oh dear - how would the world keep turning should such a devastating thing happen?

Gosh - he didn't have a leg to stand on, did he? He should have thought out his arguments before he went on tv.

Thanks for linking to the video!

Cruella said...

Notice that even at the very very beginning it shows Anna and she nods and smiles, then it cuts to him and he's pulling a face as though he stepped in something nasty on the way to the studio...! He might as well have come in dressed as fagin!

Becca said...

"She's making it about women!" OH NOES THE POOR MENZ.


God what a douche.
(Love the blog btw. Long-time lurker here.)