Thursday, February 09, 2006

Headline stuff

This made me laugh. BBC article titled "Tories gay stance was wrong". I just can't help thinking they should have had their left hands a little more pertly on their hips and their heads thrown back a little more indignantly, etc. Make your own Tory gay stance gag here... Of course the Lib Dems would be the ones to advise!


Iceman said...

"The gay scene in London in the 1980s was quite aggressively promiscuous and I think if society generally and the government I served in had been more willing to recognise gay people then there would have been less of that problem."

Lets count the mistakes here:

1. The assumption that most gay people are "aggressively promiscuous".
2. As if no straight people are "aggressively promiscuous".
3. That promiscuity is a "problem".
4. That the real problem with anti-gay bigotry is that it leads to promiscuity.

Here in America, the Christian Right makes the ridiculous claim that gay marriage threatens traditional marriage, and twelve states had successful ballot measures to explicitly ban gay marriage that helped to contribute to Bush's victory by bringing out the religious idiot vote.

Why are so many right wingers threatened by the idea that gays are entitled to equal rights?

Cruella said...

Yeah it is frightening isn't it...