Sunday, February 05, 2006

Essex (and Suffolk) Girls

Ms Greer has put together a defence of (not to say eulogy to) Essex Girls here. Makes some great and entertaining points. Personally I was born one side (in Wembley) and grew up the other (in Bury St Edmunds) so can claim no real connection, though I did lose my virginity in Pitsea, Essex, a very long time ago indeed...

Speaking of Bury St Edmunds though (as we weren't really) I've recently been alerted to a blog devoted entirely to Bury St Edmunds, which apart from being deeply witty and well-written gives a crackin' (do your own Anglian accent for this bit) insight into rural town life in the UK. And for those of us who recognise the places and even some of the people featured, it's even more interesting. I might put up a permanent link.

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