Sunday, February 05, 2006

Raynaud's Awareness Month

As a sufferer myself I feel duty-bound to point out that it is Raynaud's Awareness month. More information on the condition is here on the BBC website. Personally I find every cold winter month is Raynaud's Awareness month!

I'm not sure I personally need a whole month though to spread the news about the situation. The website refers to it as a "devastating condition" but I don't have it badly enough to make such a claim. Since I quit smoking and with the amount of exercise I take, it's largely under control for me. I even ski (badly)!

I do take Seredrin for it, which I would recommend to any other sufferers. I did at one time try electronically heated gloves and socks but they were useless - the socks too bulky to wear with insulated boots and the gloves, well only the palms were heated, not the fingers - and I would recommend them to no-one. Just get ski-gloves and proper arctic boots.

I was once advised by a doctor to manage the condition by avoiding contact with vibrating objects...hmm, no comment!

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