Monday, February 13, 2006

Radio days

Well Saturday night went very well. I really enjoyed it. Some guy rang in (Graham, thanks Graham!) and agreed at length that with a 1 in 500 risk of dying from surgery it really wasn't worth it. Sadly I was not in the same studio as the pro-surgery woman, who's apparently had £12,000 of surgery herself before which she claims "she was sometimes mistaken for a man*", so I can't comment on what she looked like. Listen again is available as usual here.

And this morning I'm up bright and early to get started on Radio Jackie. Won't be doing anything more exciting than travel news. Should be doing more and more over the next few weeks though. In south west London and north Surrey it's 107.8 Fm or anywhere in the world you can listen on the web here.

*So what? I have been told more than once that I resemble a young and glamourous Boy George, and it's never bothered me...

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