Wednesday, August 31, 2005

End of festival

Well I really went out with a bang on Monday night, performing in a BBC-run "60 acts in 60 minutes" show - I went on 30th marking the halfway point of the hour - and right before the legendary Tim Vine which made me feel like I was in brilliantly good company. Lots of my comedy chums were in the audience and everyone said I did really well. We were all given a free tequila shot as we came off stage so ended up with loads of acts all getting very drunk. One of the acts, who shall of course remain nameless, had brought along some very powerful "space cake" and although I'm not normally a big partaker of such things I figured what the hell for the end of the festival and ended up out and about talking absolute rubbish until 7:30am!

Train back yesterday and chatted with a mate the whole way through the hangover and many many cups of tea. Slept for 14 hours non-stop last night. Has been a brilliant experience but nice to be back in the real world now too.

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