Monday, September 05, 2005

Shock! Horror! Cru-blog gets it right!

Remember this post? Where the team here at Cru-blog postulated that handing out plastic surgery as competition prizes sent out the wrong message? Well the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons agrees with me. It says so on the BBC! It also provides more helpful information about the original competition, explaining that to enter men were asked to send in a picture of their girlfriends breasts and state which celebrity breasts they would prefer them to look like. And comment-adders came on here and said it wasn't degrading... Would anyone care to comment now?


DrDiSaia said...

I agree. Who is to say the women concerned would have wanted the supposed prize anyway. Kinda presumptuous, isn't it? Give the cash and let them spend it as they wish.

Cruella said...

True, it's a fairly weighty and well-respected board who have agreed with me though so I reckon they may have a point.