Saturday, April 18, 2009

Must Read Today

Totally sickening, unbelievable that nothing real is being done about it. The US military's own research suggests that 30% of female soldiers are raped by a fellow soldier during their service period.

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In fact 30% of female soldiers serving in the 'wonderful' US military are systematically raped and subjected to sexual violence by male solders. Other male soldiers do not rape their female soldiers but they are complicit in hiding the male rapists and denying such rapes occur.

It is called 'the old boys' network' or 'male bonding' because males must never call out other males for committing mundane, routine rape, sexual violence and sexual harassment against women.

Male sexual violence is so common, so routine that it is not surprising the US military refuses to even charge male rapist soldiers but instead subject the female soldier victims to a campaign of slander, victimisation and even imprisonment.

Read Helen Benedict's book for the facts. And yet feminism is supposedly no longer necessary because women supposedly have achieved full human status. I wish.