Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mile High Misogyny

This article is from the latest Ryan Air inflight magazine. It lists their recommended top ten lap-dancing clubs worldwide. Has anyone told them that some of their passengers may be female? Or indeed for any number of other reasons not comfortable with an article like that peeking out of their seat-pocket?

But the article is also interesting in that they admit two things that most lap-dancing promoters will aggressively deny:

They admit that "gentleman's club" is a direct synonym for "lap-dancing joint".

They admit that the claim that these places are frequented by "adventurous young couples" is a lie and that the actual clientele is "randy blokes".

London's was represented on the list of course by Stringfellow's, a club whose owner is delighted to brag on his blog about his great friendship with David Cameron. How nice.

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David Cameron is a 'friend' of Peter Stringfellow, who is part of the sex industry - sorry 'adult entertainment business.'
But what about Cameron's constant calls for 'a return to family values.' Is this not in direct opposition to Stringfellow's business which sexually exploits women for men's sexual entertainment? Oh I forget, 'family values' means male ownership and control of women, so this fits ideally with men sexually exploiting and abusing women.'

But there politics is all about obtaining donations from powerful men and who cares what business these men are involved in, so long as they promote the particular party to which they donate money.