Friday, April 03, 2009

Letter To Chris Brown

While I am in something of a link-frenzy here is - wait for it - a brilliant article by a man. Yes I know! And it's not even Johann Hari.

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Thanks Cruella for linking to Diary of a Black Male Feminist. The author is not unique and no he is not a 'hero' for making public the way many men justify, deny and excuse their pseudo right of unlimited sexual access to any woman they 'set their sights on.'

But, it takes courage to go against the male supremacist sexual script and given most men are indoctrinated from birth it makes it even more difficult to see and understand the various ways our patriarchal system justifies men's sexual and physical violence against women and girls.

As one male pro-feminist has repeatedly said 'we need to hold men to a higher standard than the one we currently do.' It is not enough for men to say 'but I never raped a woman' because this in itself does not mean the man does not believe rape myths. Men are more than what patriarchy tells them which is why when some men speak out they are seen as 'heroes.' No they are not, they are just enacting the standard required of all human beings irrespective of their biological sex.

But this means challenging patriarcy and male supremacy, never easy, always difficult given patriarchal views and male supremacy is widely seen as 'natural and normal male behaviour.'