Thursday, December 04, 2008

Clarkson Alert

A while back I expressed my opinion on the work of Jeremy Clarkson in the ambiguously titled F-Word post "I HATE Jeremy Clarkson". Comments still seem to be rolling in on it now.

Well I was in a lift this lunchtime with none other than Clarkson himself. I was over at BBC Two to talk to appear on the Jeremy Vine show to discuss the Miss University London pageant. No idea what Clarkson was up to.

While in the lift he said "This is actually too low for me", standing on tip-toes and jabbing the light fixture with his head. And since I did want to be on the Jeremy Vine show I didn't say "You might want to try not standing on your toes, unless of course you're trying to bang your head which would explain a great deal about your offensive low-grade presenting patter."

Now he sounded very bunged up as he said this and someone asked him if he was ok and he said "I sound awful [check], but I feel fine, I never get flu". I thought wow - even flu viruses won't go near him, amazing.

It was a pretty small lift though. There would be a certain twisted irony if I actually caught some horrible bug off of him now.

While I was waiting for the interview I also shared a sofa in the waiting area with Jason Donovan. Eat your heart out groupies. Nothing exciting happened, he laughed at my flippant remark about the government reaction to the credit crunch (the radio was playing with people arguing about who would win and lose from the latest proposals and I said "They should just send everyone a fiver"), I made some tea, I got called throught to the studio.


JM said...

I'm not sure I could have resisted.

Anon27 said...


Clarkson has his own TV show, DVD's, books and newspaper columns and your stuck writing a blog that only your boyfriend (or girlfriend, never know with women comics) reads?


Previous comment is obviously from a misogynst. Clarkson has a huge overblown ego which one day will be punctured.

Cruella said...

Oooh how insulting - the implication that I might be a lesbian. Gosh I just couldn't be more insulted because we all know that lesbians are in league with the devil.

And for the record this blog is pretty well read. Clearly for instance YOU are reading it and you sure ain't my boyfriend (or girlfriend) and indeed you never will be.

butterflywings said...

Anon27 is right! All female comics are lesbians! Like Jo Brand!
LOL at your response though Kate.

Cruella said...

Yeah french and saunders, lucy porter, catherine tate, joyce grenfell, lucille ball, joan rivers, maria bamford,... all lesbian.

Unknown said...

"Yeah french and saunders, lucy porter, catherine tate, joyce grenfell, lucille ball, joan rivers, maria bamford,... all lesbian."

Yeah they can't be lesbians because they all suck.

Hedgewytch said...

Interesting Clarkson is a very successful and respected man. . - who are you? who are your supporters but other catty feminist extremists.
I'd never heard of you until someone pointed you out for your narrowmindedness.

Clarkson may have his faults and strong opinions but he uses that he plays the likes of you and wins.

I sense a touch of jealousy here
Give up while you are (not) ahead.

Alwyn said...

Now come to think of it, what you're doing right now is exactly what Jeremy does most of the time. He rants about stuff he hates & kissing own arse, ironically, so are you.

Cruella said...

No what I'm doing right now is telling an anecdote about meeting some famous people. What i did in my article "I HATE Jeremy Clarkson" was made reasoned points about the negative impact he is having on the world around him. That article was based on research and fact. What Clarkson does is tell one anecdote and rant on the basis of that anecdote to reach a furious conclusion but one that has no actual bearing on the real world because it is based on hearsay, misinformation and fabrication.