Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bottom Gear

What is Jeremy Clarkson's problem? OK don't answer that, it's a trick question anyway - it should read "Name one of Jeremy Clarkson's problems...". So there's a new electric car on the market that looks and apparently drives like a fancy sports car but being electric is much kinder to the environment (especially if you buy green electricity). So Clarkson and the team on Top Gear test drive it and claim it conks out after 55 miles with no warning and has to be pushed back to the garage. Except it didn't. They made that bit up because for some reason they couldn't bear to admit that an electric car might be pleasing to drive. Why doesn't he just get a big tattoo on his forehead that says "SPONSORED BY ESSO"?

1 comment:

Jim Jepps said...

Isn't Top Gear meant to be some sort of authoritative voice on how good cars are? Isn't this just lying?

Sigh - I have my angry head on now, tsk