Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why Are We Sending the VICTIMS of Crime to Prison?

Another horror story about the UK immigration system's treatment of trafficked women. The story itself is disgusting:

"She tells of a time early on in her abuse when she was with one customer who had asked for two girls.

The other girl was showing her what to do but Anna started to cry when she saw the customer lying on the bed - it was the first time she had seen a naked man."

So a man went in to visit a brothel and one of the girls started crying, and yet evidently he didn't go to the police or report the incident, or if he did the police did nothing. Is that the kind of society we live in now? Of course the treatment from the pimps themselves is the most horrific:

"she was forced to have sex and faced ice-cold baths, starvation and beatings if she did not do as she was told"

So when at long long last she was rescued from this horrific life, from a life of being raped by different men up 15 to 20 times a day (oh and up to 30 around Christmas - cos all those devoutly religious people know the best way to celebrate the birth of the Lord is with a trip to a cheap brothel...), and frequent violent abuse too, how does Britain respond? We lock her up in Yarl's Wood detention centre.

She was 12 when she was trafficked out of Albania. She's 20 years old now. She fears she'll be forced back in to prostitution if she goes back to Albania. So we're deporting her straight back there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, I somehow missed that news story (?) - It's just horrific, I actually got a chill reading it.

Jennifer Ewing said...

I was just reading about that in the paper this morning. Not surprising, but no less horrific for it. I really, really don't get emprisonning women for having to resort to, or being forced into, prostitution.

And I don't think women who chose prostitution should be arrested any more than women who are forced into it. The South Wales Echo actually had a headline a couple of days ago about "prostitutes arrested in police crackdown". I didn't blog about it, because I don't want to react to a newspaper headline without reading the article, and I don't want to buy that particular paper either, but just the fact that the newspaper are screaming it at passers by as though it's a good thing, cleaning up our town and all that, makes me pretty fucking mad.

Cruella said...

Yes, the other one that I didn't blog about because I didn't have patience to watch the whole series was the TV documentary "Ann Widdicombe takes on prostitution". I specially came home early to watch it, hoping it would be the series that lifted the lid on the horrors of the industry. Instead Ann was filmed running down the street after terrified-looking women shouting "Haven't you got something better to do with your life?" and complaining about the impact of prostitutes presence on families living in the area (on the children-mustn't-know-about-sex bandwagon).

ALL of the women declined to be interviewed with one exception and she was so obviously full of drugs that she didn't even say anything.

But then I switched off so I didn't dare blog in case she made a good point in episode four...

Jennifer Ewing said...

Instead Ann was filmed running down the street after terrified-looking women shouting "Haven't you got something better to do with your life?"

Oh god. It would be funny, if she was an exception.

The other thing that got me was hearing young women joking about "prossies" on the bus to work during the Ipswitch murders last year. It says something when you can't use words like "cunt" or even "moist" in front of a lot of women or they find it really icky and offensive, but some guy murdering sex workers on the other hand, that's funny.

Cruella said...

Yeah the nice thing about "cunt" is it's not an insult if you like cunts...