Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Funny Ha Ha

Great article in the LA Times about roles for women in comedy films.

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Iceman said...

Most movies in general seem to be aimed at 13-year old boys. Not just the dorky guy - hot girl pairings, but simplistic plots and obvious humor.

Studios must think that any movie with strong female characters will be labeled a "chick film" and that no one other than groups of women will see it. Or they think that women would rather see a movie with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. than with female leads. So they rarely make movies with strong female characters, and as a result many women stay home and the moviegoing audience becomes predominantly male, which gives the studios another reason to keep making films with male leads and women as eye candy.

I think it was Amanda Marcotte who mentioned how few movies other than so-called "chick films" have
-two female characters
-who talk to each other
-about something other than a man.