Friday, August 03, 2007

Sunny, Sexy Edinburgh

Mr Cru and I are now settled in Edinburgh for the duration of the festival. This is what we will be doing for the next month...

1) Performing our musical comedy show Sing-Along-A-The-Joy-Of-Sex daily (4th - 25th, not 12th or 19th) at 7.20pm at The Mercat Bar, (Venue 282) FREE!

2) Sketches and improv as part of FREE Comedy Cocktail at Hillside, daily 2.15pm (4th - 19th, not 8th or 15th)

3) I'll be performing my latest solo show Apes Like Me at The Outhouse - one show only 5.15pm on 10th.

4) I'll be compering The F-Show - the FREE fringe late night show 11pm Sun - Weds at the Mercat Bar.

5) I'll be compering the Studio tent at The Meadows on Fringe Sunday (12th) from 11am - 2pm.

6) Loads more!

Let me know if you're in town and you'll be welcome to come and see us all day every day.

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Kirsten said...

Woo! Yay! Edinburgh! I'm visiting form the 18th to 25th. I think.