Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why is the Cru-Blog advertising Boob Jobs?

Ok first of all go take a look at the advert by clicking here. You'll have to click the link and then click download to see the pdf of the advert (sorry about that, if anyone knows how I can make it easier, please let me know). Anyway give the advert a quick read, see if you can spot anything odd about it at all.

Then when you're done explain to me what this is supposed to be.


Iceman said...

1. An unemployed single mother of two...wants to spend £4,250 on a boob job? It said in the top link on the right side of the page that she took out a loan to do it!

2. Was there any effort to make her aware of the health risks of the surgery or to talk with her on whether the risks and costs would be appropriate for someone in her situation? Or did she go into the plastic surgeon's office for a consultation, and his only question was "how big do you want them?" It said her GP recommended this service - which raises questions of whether the GP acted appropriately.

3. Why would she feel her body was so inadequate as to think she needed to do this? Her GP should have recommended a therapist who could deal with those feelings of inadequacy rather than a plastic surgeon.

4. And why is the BBC printing a what is basically a commercial press release and calling it news?

Cruella said...


Yeah exactly, now are there any signs that she might have emotional problems of the kind that can't be quickly solved with a couple of lumps of silicone...

"I just wanted someone to give me a hug, but I don't have anyone so that was hard"

Right, no problems there then...