Saturday, June 16, 2007

Remember Democracy?

Do you remember the good old days when you went out and voted for the candidate whose policies seemed the most sensible to you? Voting on it's own however isn't good enough any more. Apparently American women need to contribute financially to the campaigns of their favoured candidates too!

It's difficult to know what to suggset - I can understand that politics has become so heavily a money game that people feel the only way to win it is to get our own money out. Trouble is that if we accept a totally money-based game we will then ultimately lose to the group with the most money - the multi-national corporates. In fact this is already happening, remember when finally raised enough money to put an anti-Bush advert on during the superbowl? The TV companies refused to put it on because even though the money had been raised (a) they knew that future revenue would be greater from the big corporates and it was more important to keep them happy and (b) they were afraid of what the current administration would do to them if they showed the advert.

And remember every penny/cent we spend on these media activities ends up as an extra penny/cent in the pockets of the people who run the adverts - big corporates whose interests end up getting put ahead of those of ordinary people.

If women are involved in the political process but are refusing to pay for candidates air-time, that's ok with me.

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