Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not In The Mood

A report discussed in The Independent says British women lose interest in sex as they get older, more than women on the continent do. This of course is a huge surprise to anyone who has considered whether they would rather go to bed with a 50-year-old beer-gutted, armchair-dwelling British guy or a 50-year-old wine-sipping, gourmet-dining Frenchman who probably bothers to have a proper shave and wear clothes made and bought this century.

In fairness the article does cover things from a variety of angles. One thing you've got to wonder though is whether Britain's "lad" culture is in any way a contributory factor. We are bombarded with images of very young women posing "sexily", I certainly see such images and feel a bit like they're part of a world that has nothing to do with me and my life.

On the same note as I was channel-hopping last night I found one of these ubiquitous "Top 100 as-voted-by-you" shows, this one offering the Top 100 Sexiest Moments. The usual line-up of minor celebs was discussing some clips from various films and TV shows which the public had voted for. Maybe I'm getting old and nothing does it for me any more but a lot of the clips people had picked just do nothing for me. Like the basic instinct Sharon Stone crossing her legs moment. It lasts half a second. You can't see anything, no matter how many times you replay it. It was just a well-hyped media "event". Then again I suppose so is the whole idea of calling in on a premium rate line to vote for your top sexy moment...

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