Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Hirsute of Happiness

Well of course I'm biased, Shazia Mirza is a friend of mine and a very funny comedienne. Still I have to say this article in the Guardian about hairy women is just great. On a personal level I've always found guys a lot less bothered about body hair in private than they make out in public. I do shave, usually, but mostly because of the funny looks from other women at the gym if you don't. Some guys actively like it and most aren't bothered. Not what you would think from flicking through the Lad Mags. But then as we all know the lad mags aren't really trying to show attractive women, they're trying to show bullied and oppressed women. As with most porn, it's power, not sex, that's the turn-on.

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Cruella said...

I'm not saying no guys like hairless women but it takes all sorts. If these lad mags showed all sorts they might have a case. But how odd that a natural hairy look is considered "fetish".

And like a lot of these things it does apply to guys too but on a much lower level.