Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Hirsute of Happiness

Well of course I'm biased, Shazia Mirza is a friend of mine and a very funny comedienne. Still I have to say this article in the Guardian about hairy women is just great. On a personal level I've always found guys a lot less bothered about body hair in private than they make out in public. I do shave, usually, but mostly because of the funny looks from other women at the gym if you don't. Some guys actively like it and most aren't bothered. Not what you would think from flicking through the Lad Mags. But then as we all know the lad mags aren't really trying to show attractive women, they're trying to show bullied and oppressed women. As with most porn, it's power, not sex, that's the turn-on.


Braganza said...

10It's an interesting topic. Why is it that hairy is somehow less attractive than waxed or shaved? I certainly think it is and I don't think it's because I'm trying to bully or repress women. I agree broadly with your statement that porn is mainly about power, but not all of it is. And in the attractive porn which isn't I'd suggest that exactly the same pose shot with a hairy model would be less attractive, and not (I think) because I'm getting my kicks from bullying or oppressing
Maybe I'm in denial.
Since the 1970's medallion man there seems to have been a move in men's fashion away from 'hairy is sexy'. I'm thinking of all those 1990's Calvin Klein models now with not a follicle to be seen on their chests or backs. So maybe there's something going on here that is society-wide. Granted, men are not expected to wax or shave in the same way that women are, but I know that any stray nose hair / ear hair / back hair or chest hair isn't very attractive and I'd better stay on top of it. how do I know that? The subtle drip feed of advertising probably and the persistant subliminal messaging of what an attractive man looks like, according to L'Oreal, Holmes Place gym, Calvin Klein, etc.
Hair, it seems, is definitely out.
Gay men have known this for years.
And is gay porn about bullying and oppressing men? I mean: if my scrotum was balder than a plucked chicken I'm sure it would be for a Damn Good Reason. It looks better and it's nicer to touch perhaps? Maybe bald and smooth just makes a toned body look better.
All I'm saying is - to go hairy or not isn't a question just for women.

Cruella said...

I'm not saying no guys like hairless women but it takes all sorts. If these lad mags showed all sorts they might have a case. But how odd that a natural hairy look is considered "fetish".

And like a lot of these things it does apply to guys too but on a much lower level.