Monday, May 01, 2006

Is there an award?

...for describing the cause of the problem, then joining in?

Catherine Bennett, interviewing Shere Hite in this week's Guardian: "Now in her mid-60s, she remains extraordinary to look at; her celebrated pallor still set off with the springy golden ringlets that have, in the past, diverted so much attention from her findings on women's inner lives."

Funnier than that though is her opening line: "For almost any woman, you might think ... there must come a day when she wearies of discussing the clitoral orgasm". There must? Says who? Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms, yawn, yawn, yawn. Am I the only one who thinks Ms Bennett might be doing it wrong and could probably benefit from a quick browse through Ms Hite's book?

Also she seems to have missed something out in her interview... what is the book about? What is the point of interviewing an author and not mentioning the topic of their book? You might as well interview a chef and not ask about food, or a footballer and not mention sport. Total waste of space...


Sour Duck said...

I haven't read the whole article but it sounds like a bit of lazy journalism to me.

(Coming from a lazy blogger. ;))

Nice short post.

Sour Duck said...
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Winter said...

Can't say I've ever found the subject of orgasms boring!