Thursday, May 04, 2006

In Brighton this weekend?

I hope so because legend has it that top stand-up comic Kate Smurthwaite is in town with her whirlwind one-woman wonder-show Adrenaline and I wouldn't want you, you personally that is, to miss it.

I'm at the Marlborough Theatre, Princes Street, 10pm this Saturday (6th May) and next (13th May). Tickets are £7, £5 concessions from 07782 278 521. I'm really happy with the show and really excited about performing in the Brighton Fringe Festival and in a proper theatre too. Please come along and tell your friends!


Elayne said...

Break a leg, Kate! Sorry we'll just be missing you - we don't get into the area until the 15th. Drop me an email with your contact info if you can get together with us in London around 17-19 May.

Sour Duck said...

Cool poster! Have a great time and post about it when you return, okay?