Monday, May 08, 2006

Brighton Rock!

Saturday's show went really well. We sold out, people were enthusiastic and liked it and I really enjoyed doing it too. Even better we had reviewers in from (one of the big Edinburgh and Brighton Festival reviewers) and they gave me 4 stars (out of five) and heaps of glowing praise!! It's online here, but you do have to register with them. To save you the effort here's what they say:

comedy review

Adrenaline – Kate Smurthwaite

Amused Moose Comedy

In this fast paced stand-up routine, Kate Smurthwaite instantly engages her audience with witty and satirical musings on adrenaline and its various forms. Delivered with natural enthusiasm, her funniest moments are when she plays herself as opposed to the charmingly familiar but unnecessary characters she introduces along the way. Her intelligent and usually self-deprecating reflections on her numerous forays into extreme sports are hilarious and instantly relatable while the audience, whose participation is greatly encouraged, is on her side almost as soon as she opens her mouth. All in all, this is high quality stand up not to be missed - the only downside being that, as with all good adrenaline rushes, at some point it will come to an end.

The Marlborough Theatre, 6 May, 13 May, 10:00pm , £7 (£5), fpp fringe pp 13

tw rating: 4/5

Yipee! Giving it another run through in the Red Lion in Soho tonight (9.45pm) then if HSBC ever unfreeze my credit cards I shall be buying a bottle of bubbly!

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Sour Duck said...

Fantastic! Congratulations.

Thanks for pasting that review in your post as I probably wouldn't have bothered registering with them in order to read it...

Now, when are you embarking on your U.S. tour? ;)